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Our offer

Solar Group offers components for Photovoltaic Power Plants only from renowned, worldwide marks, that guarantee the highest quality standard and efficiency. The offered photovoltaic modules have relevant quality certification, i.e. TUV, Reinland, TUV SUD, VDE, including ISO 9001, CE and other quality certificates. We are able to deliver in average 1GW of photovoltaic modules per year, 1 GW of inverters, the monitoring systems, software etc.

We offer the highest quality 2BB and 3BB policrystal, monocrystal, coloured and translucent photovoltaic modules to Polish Producers of PV modules, that are used during the production of BIPV modules integrated with buildings and PV modules.
We are an official distributor of Zeversolar and Sungrow inverters at the territory of Poland. We cooperate with Kaco, Lightway Solar, UPSolar, Canadiansolar, REC companies and also with other major producers of PV, BIPV and inverters from around the world.

Solar Group provides various financial solutions for an Investment – this is the most important element during the erection of Photovoltaic Power Station from the Investor’s point of view. Thanks to the cooperation with financial institutions from the Switzerland, China and Poland, we facilitate the funding of an investment with low interest rate credits at special conditions, that are offered to our investors.

Our aim is to open the doors for new opportunities that are searched by our customers: we offer the feedback in technical and financial issues, the professional knowledge, we provide support during the execution of Photovoltaic Power Plant investments and for futuristic BIVP buildings.

Electrical installations

Our company wants to meet the expectations of our customers. Customers seek for the proper execution of electric installations. In order to facilitate this, we offer complex execution of such investments, beginning with the design, through complex delivery of materials and devices, the electric installments, measurements and tests with the final run of a project at the end. What is more, despite the execution of new investments, we offer also maintenance services for finished projects. We provide required by law yearly inspections and 5-year inspections.

We design and install:

We hold the relevant certification for the exploitation and surveillance of power supply devices, that are connected to electric network.


Solar Group administers its own advanced automotive park. The park complies with the most modern technical and ecological standards. It comprises of: commercial vehicles, passenger cars and truck with semi-trailers. Whereas you search for transportation services, we urge you to contact with us in order to specify the details and prepare the individual offer, according to your needs.

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About us

Solar Group operates in the photovoltaic branch and comprises of:
Solar Service Tomasz with its headquarter in Görlitz – the company executes the projects at the territory of Germany and Eastern Europe.
Solaris Group Ewa Grochowska with its headquarter in Legnica – the company executes the projects at the territory of Poland.
“Solar Group” Sp. z o.o. with its headquarter in Gdańsk – this company was established to merge the advantages of Solar Service and Solaris Group.
Thanks to vast experience obtained from numerous executions we counsel and design – we plan, sale and build – we cope with the erection and maintenance of Solar Power Plants.
We offer complex customer services. The services begin with designs, selection of components, through delivery and execution of photovoltaic installments, with maintenance services at the end. We operate on contractual agreements with key component producers who are necessary during the establishment of Solar Power Plant. We can satisfy the highest expectations of any customer group. We have the indispensible expertise and qualification for the major Solar Power Plant projects, not neglecting the smaller installments.
We execute the investments at land, roofs, the BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaic) projects, at elevations, facades, awnings, walls, including photovoltaic glazing.
Our aim is a complete and perfect execution of commissioned works. This begins with the design, the quotation and the verification of a project according to the Investor’s needs, than the delivery of electric components (PV modules, BIPV, cables, inverters) and mechanical components (foundations for construction, superstructures for PV modules, BIPV, converters), with the execution of the commissioned order at the end. The works executed by us are subject to strict quality control – it is the basis for our guarantee and provides more efficient maintenance service for installments.
A team of above 250 people is ready to work in any conditions – our qualified personnel holds the relevant certification and expertise, the relevant permissions for work at heights (respected in whole Europe), holds the certification for the construction equipment. They are professionals at each single step during the establishment of Photovoltaic Power Plant.